Thermoformed packaging

Medical markets

  • Thermoformed blisters,
  • Handling trays for devices,
  • Lids,
  • Foams,
  • Boxes,
  • Mount sheets


Industrial markets

  • Handling trays,
  • Food packaging,
  • Insert molding,
  • Color charts,
  • Clamshell packaging,
  • Display unit,
  • other semi-rigid packaging.


INNOVATION:Lo-g Packaging, protective packaging

Designed and manufactured by Cartolux-Thiers, Lo-g packaging is an innovative solution including thermoformed impact absorption features into the internal packaging unit. An ergonomic transport packaging which ensure stable stacking. suitable for various markets. Packaging rewarded in thin gauge thermoforming at the 9th European Thermoforming Conference held in Prague in june 2014.

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